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Summertime Dream 

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A Summer Sonata

New Arrivals

  debut collection: A Summer Sonata

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Marble Surface


/ a trip down memory lane /

        collection II: sentimental obsessions

Threads that give a gentle call to reflect and relive our past memories with warm hearths and hearts in this year-end season. Though not all memories are picture perfect, they provide a stark reminder of key events and all our good and bad days across time.


Through this collection, we seek to evoke a sense of nostalgia within our sentimental souls. A light-hearted reminiscence of our old, fond memories - those carefree, jovial and playful days we once enjoyed while we were younger.


As the year soon draws to a close, let us take some moments to reflect and be grateful for those who have been a great constant, joy and sturdy pillar in our lives. To thank the charming gardeners who have made our souls grow and blossom all these while x


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