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Our story

the Wildflow3r 


Here at wildflow3r, our brand name takes metaphorical subtleties. Beyond designing and curating romantic vintage silhouettes, we're driven to inspire our wearers to be wildflowers in their own life journeys. 


One that stands resilient amidst challenges, passionate in her endeavors and steadfast in her beliefs, through all seasons. 


Spout imperfections in each petal but it still blooms nonetheless. It does not compare its growth; it enjoys being  just itself. That's our wildflow3r girl. 


A key hallmark of our design aesthetics features contemporary modern vintage-inspired wear, suitable for work to play. Yet above all,

we're constantly inspired to curate a tangible form of aesthetic that elicits a spirited, romantic feeling for whoever's donning it. 

Our pieces are to be lived in - worn exploring, roaming, loving and getting into mischief

in good spirits, comfort and style. 

Wild heart. Free Spirit. Gypsy Soul.

Made by the Spirited, for the Spirited x


"Why romanticize excellence as though you are crafted to the perfection of fairytale novels? Being imperfectly perfect is simply what you are from the beginning.."


We've never thought to romanticize things, but truly,

we believe no silhouettes could really make you

feel spirited and confident, unless you are first

comfortable in your own skin. 

Fashion has never been about pursuing clothing trends

and fads for us, but a continual journey of self-discovery.

We love it as a powerful medium of self-expression;

constantly evolving, constantly adapting.

Through our silhouettes, we hope you'll grow to understand, embrace and love yourself better. To enjoy being just you. 

As a wildflower sprouting in progress, in seasons.

bloom wherever you're planted. That’s us,

wildflow3r, as a wildflower. We're more than

happy to accompany you in your journey. x


Brand ethos

 The modern romantic lady

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