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[COLLAB SPECIALS] "Against the Waves" Illustrated Canvas Tote Bag

  • *Exclusively available for a limited period.*

    A special collaboration between yours truly and Wenhui (@artlove_98) Co-designed & illustrated with much thought for the special You. *


    "Against the Waves" Tote Bag  features a beautifully illustrated print that bears symbolism of perseverance through adversity and patience in one's journey of endeavours. We hope it'll serve as a good encouragement against fears and self-doubt, and inspire self-confidence in all days - good and bad alike. 


    Designed with a roomy size that has ample allowance to fit A4,  make this eco-friendly tote bag your trusty bag for casual days and errand runs! 


    • Washable; made of eco-friendly canvas cotton 
    • Zip closure to keep belongings safe and secure
    • Fits A4; able to hold heavy items eg laptop 

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