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Esse Quam Videri 

     / be authentic ; be you /

contemporary vintage-inspired fashion 

for the modern romantics 🖤 

New Arrivals

New Collection - Impression Affair

Current Brand Collab:


That's what our brand is all about: our personal endeavour is to inspire our wearers to be wildflowers in their own life journey. 

Beyond the realms of fashion, she is unapologetically herself and embraces how beautifully imperfectly perfect she is. 

Spout imperfections in every petal, she remains resilient, steadfast and passionate. She blooms nonetheless. 

And that’s us, wildflow3r, as a wildflower

by the spirited, for the spirited 


A wildflower blooms where it is planted, in progress, in seasons.

We’re more than happy to accompany you in your journey. x

Our visual dreams

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