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Wildflow3r Soy Scented Tablet Diffuser



    A special collaboration between yours truly and @byteeandco ♡ Lovingly co-created to celebrate our latest floral collection "Stirrings for Summer". Exclusivley available on-site for a limited time only, don't miss out!





    A natural air freshener and doubles up as an aesthetic ornament in your living spaces

    • Scented with collab-exclusive Wildflow3r fragrance (fruity, citrus) topped with floral botanicals aesthetics 


    • Made with 100% natural soy wax; vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free


    • Usage: The diffuser is to be placed in a dry environment away from direct sunlight


    • Lifespan: diffuse naturally for 3 to 6 months. (Refresh the wax tablet subsequently by dripping 1 - 2 drops of your favourite scent oils on the surface.)

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